Hoxne Hoard: Roman Gold and Silver Found in Britain

Gold and Silver Coins from Hoxne Hoard

Wouldn’t it be great if searching for a lost hammer led to a massive find of gold and silver coins from the Roman era? That is exactly what happened in 1992 to Suffolk county tenant farmer Peter Whatling who, after having lost a hammer, asked his friend Eric Lawes, a retired gardener and amateur metal detectorist, to help him look for it. The duo did not find the hammer but quickly found silver spoons, gold jewelry, and numerous gold and silver coins before contacting both the landowner and the police (talk about honesty!). The next day a team of archaeologists arrived at the site to do a rushed excavation. The area was searched with metal detectors within a radius of 30 metres (98 ft) from the initial discovery. Peter’s hammer was found during the search along with the Hoxne hoard and is now on display as a historic item.

The Hoxne hoard was concentrated within a small region around where a decaying chest had been found. Items had been grouped together in a deliberate fashion to organize them. The British Museum claimed all of the items and categorized them there. They found, in total, 569 gold coins, 14,272 silver coins, comprising 60 miliarenses and 14,212 siliquae, 29 items of jewelry in gold, 98 silver spoons and ladles, and a variety of bronze and silver items of various size and note. The hoard was valued at £3.59 million or around $5 million based on 2019 prices of precious metals. The UK has a law that allows for the finders of treasure to be compensated with its value when purchased by public museums so Lawes split the reward with Whatling.

The hoard’s coins were minted across the Roman empire, spreading from Antioch in modern Turkey across Europe to Hoxne itself and were minted under three Roman dynasties of Emperors including the Constantinian, the Valentinianic, and finally the Theodosian emperors. The hoard is thought to have been deposited starting around 408 AD and was aggregated and buried during a period of great turmoil in Britain that included the collapse of Roman authority in the province, the departure of the majority of the Roman army, and the first of a wave of attacks by the Anglo-Saxons in the region.

Analysis: First, the Hoxne Hoard demonstrated the widespread importance of the bimetallic monetary system that existed during the Roman Empire that allowed the empire to flourish for so many centuries as well as the overarching point that gold and silver have been heavily valued, aggregated, and stored for wealth preservation for millennium now. The Roman Empire was the result of the conquering and aggregation of several different cultures and countries into one unified system that all utilized precious metals in trade

It is not surprising that the hoard exists and was buried given the chaos that was erupting in England at the time with the Roman abandoning the island and new conquerors starting to make their presence known. Much as we see in our own times, chaotic and uncertain time periods cause people to flock even more to things of intrinsic value, such as gold and silver, to help them get through the hard times as their acceptance as a store of wealth is nearly Universal, despite the absurd claims of central bank, globalist, paid-off “economists” who do the bidding of Oligarchs by lying to the People in exchange for paltry sums.

As the U.S. dollar continues to experience rapid inflation and destruction of purchasing power combined with a dysfunctional, unethical, and incompetent political and business establishment (“elites’’), more and more people will switch to historic forms of money that are more naturally protected from inflation and damage from these absolute idiots in charge. In short, modern versions of Hoxne Hoards will be aggregated and secured across the USA and the world as people seek historically proven ways to maintain their wealth.

Bullion TP recommends not hiding your own version of your hoard in a field to be discovered over 15 centuries later. Maybe just leave it to the kids or something.

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