Judy Shelton: Precious Metals Patriot. Future Bright?

Mrs. Judy Shelton

Judy Shelton was President Donald J. Trump’s last nominee for the Federal Reserve Board. Trump’s nominee of Shelton followed his previously failed nominations of Herman Cain for Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City/Omaha and Stephen Moore, who have both expressed their support for the Gold Standard and moving away from if not totally abolishing the Federal Reserve Bank and System. Not surprisingly, all three of these nominations were rejected in the Senate by Democrats and key Republicans, specifically blocked by Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and Lamar Alexander — two of which seem to be losing support rapidly by their own voters in their respective districts. While the grander scheme of what is going on here is worth exploring and definitely wreaks to Bullion TP of Federal Reserve payoffs, the focus of the essay is on Judy Shelton and what her possible future may be if Patriots continue to exert more influence politically in the future, as we expect. Whatever your feelings on Donald J. Trump or your politics, support of those seeking to reverse the corrupt Federal Reserve System should be bipartisan in nature among hard money supporters.

Who is Judy Shelton? Judy Shelton was born in the Los Angeles suburban San Fernando Valley where her father was a businessman and her mother stayed at home to care for her and her siblings. She attended Portland State University for her undergraduate and later the University of Utah for her MBA and PhD. From 1985 to 1995 Mrs. Shelton worked for the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, a truly prestigious intellectual outfit that has produced intellectual greats such as Thomas Sowell and Victor David Hanson, rarely heard about in the MSM for obvious reasons. Shelton joined the Lehrman Institutes’ TheGoldStandardNow.Org as a senior advisor in 2012. Shelton has been a longtime critic of the Federal Reserve, calling it “almost a rogue agency” in 2012. She has also stated that she sees no Fed independence from the White House and that she is highly skeptical of the Fed’s claim to be concerned and focused on maximum unemployment and price stability.

Mrs. Shelton is against the FDIC as she believes that it allows for moral hazard for banks and creates a situation where consumers do not take the time to research the lending practices of banks as they do not need to. She is an advocate of pegging the value of the dollar to gold and in 2019 she called for a new Bretton Woods like conference to return all countries to the gold standard. In a 2012 article for the Cato Institute, Shelton called for a “Universal Gold Reserve Bank”. It is also worthwhile to note that she has expressed support for cryptocurrencies as a challenge to the dollar.

In an act that should surprise no one, more than 100 “economists” (paid-off people who take money from the Fed to produce “studies” that they like), warned that Shelton was “extreme and ill-considered”. We would call them corrupt and discredited hacks — the human version of a bookmark at best. Shelton’s nomination, much like that of other pro-gold Patriots, was derailed in the Senate by Republicans (of course getting zero Democratic Party support) with strong ties to the establishment and therefore the Federal Reserve Bank. The vote was further complicated due to Covid restrictions that prevented Senators Grassley and Rick Scott from attending. Regardless, Mrs. Shelton’s nomination defeat looks squarely to be a result of the Federal Reserve flexing its power with its OWNED Senators, Republican and Democrat, which underscores the larger lesson here that the political party you think is your enemy is in bed with the one you think is on your side. They are both owned to varying degrees as this is the result of empowering a private entity with the ability to print “money” with next to zero true oversight.

What occurred here was the Federal Reserve System flexing its muscle to reject a known enemy of its system from entering its system as an executive with power. To their credit, they were likely wise to block her as she would work to dismantle their grift as any true Patriot would. The positive upsides from this is that Judy Shelton is only 66 years old, which is relatively young based on today’s life expectancies. She is representative of an evolving trend in our times insomuch that nominating someone so openly against fiat currency and the Federal Reserve to sit on its Board would have been considered impossible or political suicide a decade ago by either political party. She may still have a role to play in the future of remapping the monetary system towards something more in alignment with the People.

As more exposure and pressure builds against the Federal Reserve Bank, partially applied by silver and gold stackers, useless and corrupted politicians of both parties will be replaced by their voters (voter fraud fixes incoming). The drumbeat for hard money will continue to get stronger in the face of rising inflation and an unsustainable and predatory financial system. Patriots like Judy Shelton or others like her will emerge to correct the situation. We are in the 4th Turning, after all, and it is the time for revolutionary (or really reactionary in terms of returning to hard money) change.

While Bullion TP advocates for a bimetallism standard, or at a minimum some system that incorporates silver into the monetary system in alignment with its historic intrinsic value as determined by the People, support for a gold standard is in the right direction in our view. One step at a time, folks. For more reading on why Judy Shelton is right about the history of the Gold Standard, check here. Follow Mrs. Shelton on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/judyshel.

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