Silver Patriots: Why the Patriot and the Silver Movements are 100% Aligned

Silver Patriots

“Patriot” is currently a word being maligned by nasty and corrupt people who are tied to or the agents of the very same people, The Cabal, that suppress the silver price. The attacks on the silver movement (and the larger hard money movement it is a part of) have really only begun but should be expected to escalate as the effects of the increase in physical silver demand for wealth storage start to hit The Cabal’s system hard. Why are these two groups targets of The Cabal and what do they have in common?

The Cabal, or the Deep State, is a globalist group composed of Oligarchs, the Central Banks and its tentacle financial institutions, large corporations, governments and their agents (ex. FBI), industry groups, Education Inc., the media, the entertainment industry and globalist entities like the UN controlled by the central banks. These groups are at a minimum infiltrated, if not completely controlled by The Cabal. When you print “fiat money” you can corrupt everything over time and that is exactly what has happened. The Cabal are all globalists who support centralization, especially of political systems and monetary systems. Centralization always leads to corruption, inefficiency, incompetence, and poor results for the majority while the pathetic, artificially buoyed “elites” thrive as the system is set up to provide cover for their persistent failings. Many of their followers and sycophants are simply misled Patriots but some are paid-off nihilists and/or corrupt themselves. This is not terribly different from the enemy the Patriots faced during the Revolutionary War where the Tories supported the Crown and the British despite their abuses of the People.

So what is a Patriot? In its simplest terms, a Patriot is a supporter of their country, its People, and in the case of the United States of America, its Constitution. It means that these values stand ahead of all others in your mind and that upholding them are paramount to all other interests, theories, agendas, goals, and beliefs. We are of course talking about a USA Patriot here but Patriots of their own respective countries who stand up for similar values that align with the USA Patriots are 100% allies. Being a globalist and a Patriot are nearly incompatible as most of the rest of the world does not adhere to the values of the U.S. Constitution, they do not care about the USA being put first, and they do not put our People first ever. The Cabal despises and fears the rising numbers, courage, and commitment of Patriots as they know the People hold the ultimate power in the USA and beyond.

Many people are Patriots. Being a Patriot does not mean that you are a member of one political party (or that you support one guy) as it has become increasingly obvious that the anti-Patriot compromised pawns and the misled are members of both political parties. Being a Patriot is a movement to truly unite the majority and throw off the caustic, tyrannical, and largely manipulated by The Cabal minority that are generally doing the bidding of The Cabal (and are rarely even aware of it). Increasingly, as we saw a few days ago, the word “Patriot” is being tied to the evolving imaginary threat of “white supremacy”, an alleged trend that has no legitimate statistical basis whatsoever and is a fantasy of propaganda invented by the anti-Patriot Cabal. Labeling “Patriot” a bad, racist, or terrorist word is insulting to all Patriots, but is especially insulting to the millions of non-White Patriots who solidly reject the “values” of the anti-Patriot Cabal and their supporters. Make no mistake, the ultimate goal here is to suppress the rising Patriotism as it is a threat to the lies and propaganda of the anti-Patriot Cabal. Much as the silver movement poses a threat to them. When the silver and the greater hard money movement threatens these anti-Patriots enough they will start labeling us just as badly or worse as they are currently doing to Patriots. Their corrupt system that enriches them for simply being there is at stake here and they will lash out at silver movement folks just as much as they have and will at Patriots.

The Silver Movement and the greater hard money movement have the same unified enemy as the Patriot movement, generally share the same values, and are generally aligned with the need for a new monetary system backed by precious metals. First, silver and precious metals were the intended monetary backing of the United States government as highlighted in Article 1, Section 10, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution (“No State shall….make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts”) and as demonstrated by the early acts of Hamilton and the Treasury in minting the first coinage in gold and silver. A hard money foundation in monetary policy controlled by the People bestows upon a society fiscal restraints of governments, Oligarchs, and other terribly corrupt institutions and people, limits the corruption that is possible by these groups, and it also helps to protect the People’s wealth that they toil their lives away to earn and pass on to their children. All of these outcomes align perfectly with the goal of Patriots to support the Constitution, their country and its interests first, and to support the interest of the People of the country first over others. The Anti-Patriots are against Patriots and Silver investors for the exact same reason: their knowledge, preferences, and actions are a threat to their hegemony. Almost completely.

The rise of the Silver Patriot (and Gold Patriot) is the greatest combined threat to the corrupt Cabal. The Silver Patriot, or Silver Ape in WSS parlance, wants hard money that they can hold in their hands with no counterparty risk as this security in wealth storage adds to their freedom and liberty. The reason any precious metals mass movement had to happen with silver as the precious metal of focus should be obvious, it is the People’s money and in order to revitalize this ancient intrinsic affinity for precious metals as money the People themselves must be able to afford the precious metal and embrace its value as owners of it. This is much harder with gold or platinum given their relatively high price points.

Silver Patriots and all precious metals Patriots have hell coming, make no mistake. The corrupt anti-Patriot Cabal will not let their failing fiat system or the power it affords them to control the country and abuse Patriots and non-Patriots alike go easily. It is important that Silver Patriots stick together no matter what they threaten us with or what nastiness they throw at us, and we believe they will throw a lot at us. We are confident that in the end, the victory will be ours. And it will be largely a peaceful one, at least from our side.

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